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If you didn't flinch, wince or even feel an inkling of social injustice whilst reading those examples, imagine this for a second: What if they were demands being made of women's weight, by men?

Imagine the chauvinist-branding backlash phrases such as "no fat-arses", "the thinner the better" and "don't expect a reply if you're over 200lbs" would elicit.

Be sure to double check that the website is genuine, and make sure you do some further research on the people you meet on the site before going on a face-to-face date.

Despite all the negativity that has been associated with online dating, it could still be the perfect place to meet your match.

Don't get me wrong, we can't berate women for having 'types'.

My question is this: why is it acceptable for a woman to shirk away from a shorter man, but when that same man declines the advances of a 'larger' woman, he is labelled a superficial pig?

You have heard of this new online dating site, and apart from the excitement you have with prospect of meeting someone new there, you are ashamed of having to explain to everyone that you met your spouse online.

Though Lindsay's "The Bachelorette" series doesn't premiere until May 22, the producers mixed things up when they introduced her to four of her suitors right there on the show."I’m hoping that as a black ' Bachelorette' you’re going to get to see a more diverse cast, a cast that’s reflective of what America looks like," Lindsay told The Hollywood Reporter on March 7, "and not just ' Bachelor Nation' or whatever else, but what America looks like."One of her suitors, a white man named Dean, tried to woo Lindsay with the line, "I’m ready to go black and I’m never going to go back."Lindsay took it in stride, laughing, but Twitter thought the moment was "cringe worthy" — deeming the encounter as racial fetishism, which is "loosely defined as having an unnatural preoccupation or obsession with cultural and/or physical characteristics of a race other than one’s own," according to The Root."As a black woman who has dated interracially for the majority of her life, I have been fortunate enough not to come across men who fetishize black women by saying stupid shit like Dean.But that doesn't mean others aren't having a discussion about race because of the awkward moment, which can hopefully result in more openness about talks of interracial relationships.So you have tried the friends hooking you up with someone route, meeting him at a wedding, or the friend of a friend thing, but you are still single.The best part is that it would save you time from doing activities you hate (for example clubbing, speed dating and so forth), just so you could be in a relationship.As much as this would be good for you, be sure you are doing it for the right reasons and it is the route you want to take. Only try online dating if you are mentally and physically ready for the challenge it may bring, and the disappointments too. You may be lucky in love and find yourself living the happy-ever-after fairytale.

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