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A lot of the time, the hosts take everything very seriously. I wanted to include some comedy so you definitely will see me having fun with them.I wanted to throw that away and bring a lot of persona did you incorporate? Once you got to know the contestants, did you have a favorite? Do you think it's better to stay loyal to one person the whole time or to switch partners when given the opportunity?Mc Carthy: One of the things that I love about the show is that they initially choose based on looks only, and by giving them the option to switch, it allows them to switch because of chemistry.She certainly had the requisite assets–long, blonde hair, a beautiful face and killer bod.

Sometimes when you go on dates, it takes six months to get to know who that person is.

What do you think makes you different from other reality TV hosts?

Mc Carthy: What I wanted to add to the show this season was some fun. I told them they were going to die based on their living conditions.

Mc Carthy has frequented the New York Times Best Seller list as author of nine books (such as ), in which she often says what others won’t by giving a humorous and honest look at the shared female experience.

She has also served as an outspoken and quite controversial advocate for children suffering with autism, a developmental disorder that has affected her own family.

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More often than not, the no-filter funny girl would take a self-depreciating hit or pratfall—whatever it took to get a laugh.

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