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If you plan on borrowing gear (like a bass cab or drum kit), did you clear it with the other bands BEFORE the day of the show? Guitar/bass players, do you have a fully functioning rig?The matches were great, but the interesting part of all of this experiment turned out to be the conversations that he had with the girls he matched with.“…I can literally say ANYTHING and still get their #.”Here are those conversations: can be an incredibly powerful seduction tool, even if you’re not a model.An interesting point was noted by users on the forum – even though this guy was a model, women were still giving him the same “tests” (known as “shit-tests”) that normal guys get: A lot of guys would comply with her request and “work harder” for her attention, but not German Lifter.My boyfriend and one of his pals both got their cocks in my pussy at the same time and after some hard fucking they both came together, wow that was some sloppy fuck and when they pulled out their sticky cocks I sucked them together too but they wouldn't lick my dripping pussy, if they want a repeat session then it will be on condition that they do.als Pornostar muss man ja nicht unbedingt viel in der Birne haben, also wundert's nicht, wenn die Tante Freund nicht kennt.

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