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Up to now the most successful for Fahriye Evcen is Calıkusu / The Wren serial, where the actress brightly showed her talent, she perfectly represented the personage of Faride and true nature of the character with the whole flurry of emotions.

Fahriye’s partner in Calıkusu was Burak Ozcivit in the role of Kemran.

Kemal’s girlfriend is worried about the fact and it can greatly interfere with their love.

Her heart is broken, and lives and past of the film characters bring troubles into relationships.

For the role of Leila Fahriye was awarded as «The Best Actress of the Year»..

The family had four kids and the youngest one was Fahriye.

Her mother was an ethnic Circassian and her father was a Turkish, who moved to Germany from Greek city of Thessaloniki.

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