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A sign of the return, of Peace & Harmony, once again.

this has been foretold by Native Americans & the Rainbow Warriors.

"So I don't know in legends & Myths what others have said or written about?

I saw a Crescent Moon with a bright single star just below the tip of the crescent moon, a log cabin below the night sky on a mountainside, there was a creek close by.

The last is a doozy when Donnie , looking @30 to life in Leavenworth for sanction violations defects to Russia .

Enough people are learning to tape any and all conversations to avoid he said she said issues."Updated November 12, 2017 - The New York Daily News reported the New York City mayoral election results from November 7, 2017 (see link): "The New York City Mayor general election results.I think we are in the mists of Earth's saving herself.More to go....""Kronos comes home after 29 years to find the Destroyer in his house.Having said that , it may be known that more care and appropriate strategy by human beings , if brought to play , there can be some relief or some offset of effects.In this light , a fatalistic claim of certainty in relation to said alerts in July- August 2018 may have to be read with a pinch of circumscription or restriction while it can be said to be a great guide.""News media world -wide have carried news to say that according to report brought out in early November 2017 , unemployment rate in US has fallen 17 years low, indicating major success attributable to President Donald Trump.

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